I live in Davidson and run my family’s trucking company that runs throughout the Southeast and was growing up until the national economy turned anemic. I went to Wilmington in ‘96 and was back and forth during college taking care of the business during my dad’s numerous stints facing off with death. I met my wife JoAnn at UNC-Wilmington in 1998, started dating in ‘01 and married in ‘04. We were separated for over a year, but are fine now. Just perfect.
We’ve been really wrestling things out in counseling and have finally started figuring out who we’re married to. For one, I get bored easily and my wife needs a flock of friends. Also, I need Jesus. If I don’t get a good fill of Him on a regular basis, I get squirrely.
I have great friends and have found that the friends I keep around or try to attract are ones that make me laugh. They all have completely different senses of humor and rightly so. If they were all the same…..I’d get bored.
I’m on the verge of wanting little versions of me around.
Jo and I are involved in a small group with our church, The Cove, in Mooresville. I’ve also returned to playing guitar and singing with the worship band after a 7 year layoff.
That’s where I am.


4 responses to “About

  1. Interesting how you talk about yourself! If I were to write “about” you what would I say? I’d say that you’re super intellectual and have attention deficit disorder (hence you getting bored easily), you like to analyze things especially over coffee while sitting outside at a coffee shop. You like late nights and late mornings. You like gadgets and the newest technology. You have dreams of traveling and seeing the world but no finances to back those dreams just yet. You are extreme in your interest- right now it’s soccer! You are an amazing singer and would make the most amazing worship leader. You’re authentic and just “out there” with your thoughts. You love to cross the line and make others laugh or maybe you just say what everyone else is thinking. You want to be known for being open minded and you have a desire to be knowledgable about a lot of things. I guess I could go on and on- all I know is that I love you! My pride hates to see that part of our story is that we have been separated but praise the Lord that our story has come full circle! And now we’re “just perfect”!!
    love ya-

  2. keithward1213

    Wow! What a rave review of me!!

  3. Keith/JoAnn:

    First of all, Keith, I have enjoyed your blog. Keep it up, dude.

    Second, I want to say how thrilled I am that you two are making it. God wants marriages to stay in tact and I applaud all the hard work you are doing. JoAnn, to your comment about “pride hat(ing) to see that part of our story” about being separated — God can use you guys and your story to encourage other couples going through the same thing.

    I say that, because my husband’s first marriage did not make it (I don’t mind telling you the whole story some time). I will say that the divorce was completely unwanted on his part, but God healed him and he has been ministering to others going through the same thing by being a DivorceCare leader at our church.

    Praise be to God that you do have a great story to tell! So proud of you guys for sticking it out…

  4. Rivera Douthit

    Jo, your analysis of Keith is spot on, as it should be! Well said!

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